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The Best Mont-Blanc Group

Our Eco-Responsible commitment, Our DNA in the making ... for more Eco-Friendly hotels

October 4, 2023

Our Eco-Responsible commitment

Our DNA in the making ... for more Eco-Friendly‍ hotels.

The Best Mont-Blanc Group and Refuge du Montenvers are committed to protecting the environment and offering more eco-friendly services. Our commitment to the environment is at the heart of our identity, and we work tirelessly to make our hotels more responsible. We are committed to promoting more environmentally-friendly practices, and we implement 'Eco-Gestures' to ensure you have a responsible and enjoyable stay. We actively involve our employees in this approach, because we believe in their well-being at work, their ecological awareness and their ability to ensure responsible management within our establishments.

Taking care of our environment is now deeply rooted in our identity. We are fully aware that this goes beyond simply turning off the lights, but every gesture counts. The Best Mont-Blanc Group's sustainability program is based on three pillars:

 - MOBILIZE, SENSITIZE & VALUE our approach among our teams and customers, informing them of our commitments and creating excitement.

 - ENGAGE & UNITE our partners and suppliers by involving them in our approach, making them aware of our responsibilities and moving towards common goals.

 - SUPPORT & DEVELOP our approach so that it can evolve thanks to our employees, our partners and thanks to you.

At Refuge du Montenvers, we are committed to protecting the environment through a series of daily actions. At the heart of our approach, you'll find :


Reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint:

- Transition to dematerialization: We replaced our restaurant cards with QR codes and opted for dematerialized invoices.

- Eco-responsible lighting: Our rooms are equipped with low-energy bulbs and LED lights to minimize our energy consumption, and we have installed presence detectors in common areas to avoid wasting energy.

- Eco-Efficient Water Management: Our bathrooms are equipped with flow limiters for taps and showers.

- Temperature adjustment: We have set up a centralized temperature control system in the building (GTB: Gestion Technique du Bâtiment), contributing to energy-efficient management.

- Local partnerships: We are committed to actively supporting local producers by working with regional partners such asAtelier Collet to offer a wide range of responsible hygiene products, including soaps, toothpaste and hair care products.

- Eco-friendly products: We favor the use of eco-labeled products, especially our cleaning products, which have theEuropean Ecolabel.


Reducing our Plastic Consumption:

- Reducing individual packaging: We are reducing individual packaging, particularly at the breakfast buffet and in the welcome kits.

- Elimination of plastic bottles: We have banned plastic water bottles from our premises and offer our customers reusable water bottles. Our water fountains are available to refill these bottles, promoting a more sustainable and ecological alternative.


Waste management:

- Selective sorting: We practice selective sorting on a daily basis, covering a variety of materials such as cardboard, glass, edible oils, light bulbs, neon lights, batteries and household waste.

- Eco-responsible organic waste management: In collaboration with Ecotrivelo, our organic waste is composted locally to reduce our environmental footprint.


Commitment to our Partners :

- Supporting our employees: We help our employees to simplify their search for accommodation, and invest in their development by offering them training opportunities.


These initiatives reflect our conviction that every action contributes to preserving our planet. In addition to these existing measures, we are actively working towards obtaining the " La Clef Verte " eco-label for our hotel. At Refuge du Montenvers, we are proud to share our approach with our customers, staff, partners and suppliers. Let's work together for a sustainable and responsible future.

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