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October 20, 2017

6 Air Calls

A retreat : Le Refuge du Montenvers


Sleep on the Mont-Blanc massif, at 1913 meters of altitude facing the Sea of Ice and an unforgettable panorama. The large building built in 1880, with a transyvalnesque appearance with its granite façade and small windows, was woken up by the Sibuet family (Les Fermes de Marie...) as a warm refuge. Wooden rooms, a dormitory, tartan blankets, a large fireplace, a library, board games and Haute-Savoie dishes to share. You become a kid again. The next day, lunch at Le Panoramique, on a terrace above the Mer de Glace. In near levitation.


The tortillard, a small Montenvers rack railway dating from 1909, which provides the only access to the site. Magical. The ice cave, accessible from a cable car. And, from 7pm, when the last train enters the station, nobody can get on or off, you are alone in the world.


Trekkers, mountaineers, lovers and the jaded in search of a unique, authentic and strong experience.

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