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Meeting the glaciers

September 14, 2022

The famous Luc MOREAU, glaciologist and doctor in geography, offers you this summer animated evenings around the High Mountain, its glaciers and the climatic evolutions. You will be able to listen to his passionate account of the glacier and its variations over time.

See Luc at the Refuge this summer (dates to come).

In 1987, Luc specialised in sub-glacial hydrology related to glacier sliding. He became a glaciologist and then a Doctor in Alpine Geography in 1995 (Grenoble I). In 2005, he became an associate member of the research team of the CNRS Environnement et Dynamique des Territoires de Montagne (EDYTEM) laboratory, and of the THEMA CNRS laboratory in Besançon (M. Griselin).

When he is not on or under a glacier, he teaches glaciology in high schools, universities and even to mountain professionals (CFMM, ENSA, Ecole Nationale de Ski et d'Alpinisme de Chamonix).
He is also a mountain guide and if you feel like it you can go with him in summer on the paths of the Chamonix valley that he follows to reach magnificent viewpoints on the glaciers that he studies.
When the waters dry up, Luc takes the opportunity with his speleologist friends to explore the glacial mills (Sea of Ice and Greenland, depth record with Janot and Maël Lamberton), in order to better understand the path of the "bedières" from the surface to under the glacier, where many mysteries remain.

But he will also explain all this to you in his presentations that he gives all year round based on films and photos of his expeditions. He will make you discover his job with images that always make him dream (2016: Iceland, Greenland, Lake Baikal).

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